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Artist Call for SHAST 2024

Saturday November 9th; 9am – 5pm & Sunday November 10th; 11am – 5pm
Optional Friday hours at your discretion

Entry Deadline: June 1st,
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Standard Artist / Guest Artist

New & Returning Artists with studios to accomodate the public or looking to be a guest artist in another local studio. All studios must be in Fayette or Coweta County. Fees due upon approval.


Featured Artist


Additional Marketing Included! New and returning artists may submit an application. See information below regarding 'Featured Artists' requirements and selection process. Fees due upon approval.

We would love to have you join the Southern Hands Artist Studio Tour in 2024!


This will be our 11th Annual Studio Tour! Our mission is to connect local artists to their communities by giving an intimate look into the delicate work that goes into the creation of each handmade piece. We aim to have a weekend driving many new and returning visitors to each studio that will learn about your process, purchase artwork, sign up for classes/events and learn how to continue engaging with your brand after the tour.


If you are interested, please read the ARTIST GUIDELINES below and submit an application. Approval can take up to 7 days from the time of submission, unless follow up information is needed. Once approved, you will submit artist bio information, high quality product photos and headshot. Spots in the tour are limited so submit as soon as possible. Deadline to apply is June 1, 2024. 


Printed Save the Date Postcards / Social Media Graphics

Printed Maps for Day of the Tour

Artist Bio Page on SHAST Website



There will be a limit of 7 featured studios in the tour. At a higher artist fee of $150 and upon approval - featured studios will receive the following marketing materials (in addition to standard materials listed above):


- Listed as 'Featured Studio' on SHAST digital/printed map


- Custom Bifold Maps for Day of the Tour


- SHAST 'Featured Artist' Facebook Ad Campaigns 


**Featured studios must be approved and will be chosen based on location, studio accommodations and artist experience




Email if you have any questions.


Artist Guidelines

You may sign up as a studio artist OR a guest artist.

  • Studio artists have studio space that they are willing to open to the public.​ 

  • Guest artists do not have a designated studio space in their home or do not live in Coweta County or Fayette County.  Guest artists set up a tent and demonstrate on the property of a studio artist that has the space to accomodate them.  Guest artists cannot choose their location.  

  • Studio Artists who can take Guest Artists are limited.  Early signup and payment is advised.

Guest and Studio Artists should:

  • have a body of original art, created by the artist, in the claimed genre to show and sell; no commercial kits, prefabricated pieces or buy/sell are allowed in this studio tour.

  • if multidisciplined, the artist shall choose 1 (one) discipline to demo. At least 80% of the designated genre to sell must be in that same medium.

  • be willing to demo or otherwise provide educational information regarding your art to visitors.

  • adhere to all deadlines (i.e. payment, materials, pickup dates etc.).  All expected information and photos must be received no later than August 1, 2024.

  • help publicize the Tour by utilizing your social media and/or sending out email invitations.

  • arrange for studio assistant(s) to help you.  Note: it gets fairly busy at times and having a friend, student or relative to help keep up with refreshments, asking people to sign your visitors log, etc. will allow you to spend more time educating and visiting with your guests.

  • consider having at least 1 assistant to help you with sales, as you cannot demonstrate your work, greet your visitors, refrest food and drink, and complete up sales without assistance. 

  • place street signage prior to the Tour to assist visitors in finding your studio.  

  • be at your designated location during the publicized days and hours of the Studio Tour.

  • serve refreshments, of your choice, during the tour.

  • collect and pay appropriate sales taxes as required by your local / state governments.

  • have all current legal permits as required by your local governing body. (ie: business license)

In addition to the above, Studio Artists should:

  • have a studio located in Coweta or Fayette Counties.

  • have parking for at least 5 vehicles.

  • carry the appropriate insurance for your studio and this event. (for your own protection!)

In addition to the above, Guest Artists should:

  • be able to transport their artwork, supplies and demo materials to the assigned or agreed upon studio in Coweta or Fayette County. 

  • demonstrate or exhibit the process for producing their artwork.

  • know that their hosting studio artist may require a guest fee.

  • Are not guaranteed space inside of a studio and will need to have all the necessary set up equipment, as required for a show or festival. (tent, display shelves or grids, payment accepting device, etc..)

Emerging Artists

  • must be sponsored by a Studio Artist who has the necessary space to allow for up to 2 emerging artists demonstrating and selling their works, has paid for their participation in SHAST and has been juried into the tour.

  • must be present for the entire tour days and hours.

  • have a body of original art, created by the emerging artist, in the claimed genre to show and sell.

  • be willing to demo or otherwise provide educational information regarding their art to visitors.

  • cannot be a known, highly publicized, or artist who has claimed professional status but rather should just be beginning their artistic career.

Student work

  • Only Studio artists who teach, can show and sell their students work, at their descretion.

  • Studio artist should pay the student fee of $25.00.  Student work will not be advertised in the artist booklet but can be mentioned on your webpage.

  • Student work cannot be more than 20% of all artwork being shown by the studio artist.

  • A separate section of the studio or a separate tent for student work is recommended.

  • Studio artists who do not pay for their students but choose to show and sell their work during SHAST, can either pay the fees after the show or they will not be invited to return to the tour the following year.

If you are interested and can meet the guidelines stated above please complete an application and pay the appropriate fees for the Southern Hands Artist Studio Tour.

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