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Plan Your Tour

SHAST 2023 is a FREE self-guided tour!

The 2023 Tour is in planning. Once the schedule is finalized, the map below will list all artist locations/hours so you can build your map with google. Printed maps will also be available once tour schedule is finalized.

Tips & Hacks

  1. Review the Artist/Vendor Booklet to see what interests you.

  2. Schedule your visit around the studios you want to visit and the artists you want to meet or see again.

  3. Invite a friend or family member to come along with you.

  4. NEW! Featured studios you must visit:​​​

    1. Featured Artist

    2. Featured Artist

    3. Featured Artist

    4. Featured Artist

    5. Featured Artist


All of our artist and their studios are more than worthy of a stop!  Just look at the magnificent works they produce.  Plus everyone of them is fun and friendly!

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