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  • Does it cost anything to attend?
    No. It is completely free to visit the studios.
  • Can we bring our children?
    Yes children are welcome. Many artists and studios have activities for you and your children to enjoy. We encourage children to get involved and love the idea of sparking their crativity and introducing them to the many worlds of Art. However, Much of the Art, that is on display in the studios, is breakable and can be very expensive. The Artist's studios, have not been, and are not required to be child proofed. Tools and machines in the studios will be on display for educational purposes and most of them are not be meant for little hands. So, if your child is rambunctious or too young to really enjoy this experience, you will probably enjoy the Tour more if you're not worried about your little ones. You will be expected to stay with your children and not allow them to run wild in the studios. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
  • Can I buy art from the participating artists during the Tour?
    Definitely. While the focus of the Tour is education, demonstrations and sharing knowledge, all of the artists will have their art for sale.
  • Do the artists teach?
    Some do, some don't. We have a wide assortment of artists. Please be sure to ask the artist if they teach.
  • Why did you start SHAST?
    SHAST was the brain-child of Andrea Faye Boswell, a ceramic artist. She wanted to share the crafting, educate and show the world all the fine artists who live in the South Metro Atlanta area. We started in 2013 in Fayette County. In 2017 we added Coweta County. Each year new artists join SHAST and we are continuing to grow.
  • Can I buy art before or after the Tour?
    Yes, the artists all have information on their individual pages with information on how to buy their art.
  • What is the Southern Hands Artist Studio Tour (SHAST)?
    SHAST is an annual tour of artist's studios in the South Metro Atlanta area. Artists who do not have studios that can be opened to the public, along with some artists outside the designated area, join Coweta and Fayette Counties studio artists. Up to three artists may be at any one studio location. SHAST is an all-volunteer effort by the artists who are involved.
  • What type of art can I expect to find on the Tour?
    If it's art, you will probably find an artist on the Tour who is creates it! Photography, painting, mixed-media, glass arts, fabric arts, metal arts, pottery, sculpture, wood art ---- we have it all!
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