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Recycled Paper

Teresa Ackerly | Acrylic Dot Artist

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Teresa Ackerly 
Fayetteville, GA

Studio Hours

Saturday 9:00 - 5:00

Sunday 11:00 - 5:00

I began painting at the age of five, when I received my first oil painting set. My love of creating was ignited, which has continued throughout my life. I hold a degree in Fine Art from Bard College. My work has been shown at The Tivoli Artist's Co-Op and The Woodstock Artist Association in upstate New York. I also owned my own gallery, The Last Detail, where I showcased local artist's works and worked making hand painted furniture. My husband and I relocated to Fayetteville Georgia to be closer to our children and grandchildren. Locally, you can find my work at The Dogwood Gallery in Tyrone, Georgia or at my home studio in Fayetteville, Georgia. Most recently I was awarded 2nd place at the 2021 Magnolia Arts Festival in Peachtree City, Georgia. I have a foundation and passion for oil painting, but have worked in many mediums, including collage and encaustics. During the 2020 Covid pandemic, my art shifted when I began painting acrylic mandalas on rocks for my garden. Finding it very meditative and healing, I expanded the "dot" paintings and mandalas onto canvas, creating powerful landscapes in bright colors. This style of painting has become the focal point of my work as I have expanded the size, intricacy and subject matter.

Studio Location

126 Odith road

Fayetteville, Ga 40315

During the tour

Teresa will be:

  • demonstrating her lastest painting in progress

  • describing her techniques

  • answering any questions you may have

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