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Dianne Cutler | Eco Print and Plaster Artist


Saturday 9am to 5pm & Sunday 11am-5pm


​Phone: (480) 734-1193 (call or text)



585 Tabb Way

Chattahoochee Hills

Palmetto, GA 30268


First house on the left, 585 Tabb Way. Parking is available at the top of the road.


I grew up on the edge of a patch of woods in Vermont. As a young girl I would wander around the woods, pick wildflowers from ditches and collect rocks that I would put in a shoebox to tuck under my bed. I would pretend that I could talk to the animals, dress up my dog in clothes and strain my head to the moon, if I was lucky enough to have it shine down on my pillow. I was a nature child. I belonged to the Earth and the Earth belonged to me. I am now a middle aged adult. I have traveled down a few different educational paths and professions, some of it was rewarding, but most of it was not. I think I was a little bit lost for a while, but I am finding my way back. I am discovering the joy of nature again and how it speaks to me through my work. Please come visit me at my studio. I am excited to show you my latest body of work of textile monoprints that embody the beauty of nature.


  • Items for sale will include original botanical mono prints in paper, napkins, scarves in cotton and wool, and other unique textiles.

  • Guests will be able to view segments of my process of a work in progress.


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